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After ensuring your crawl space is in tip-top shape, NuTech is here to help maintain its condition with one of our Maintenance Plans. These plans are designed to save you from recurring problems and to ensure the air in your home remains healthy for you and your family for years to come.

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Maintenance Plans From NuTech

Our Maintenance Plans include detailed inspections to identify and mitigate any issues that might affect your home’s structure or air quality. Designed to maintain optimal conditions, these plans enhance your home’s value and ensure your peace of mind. They also keep your warranty intact. NuTech’s technicians will meticulously examine every part of your crawl space, identifying and resolving any potential issues early on, preventing them from escalating into significant problems.

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Annual Mold & Water Inspections From NuTech

Our standard Maintenance Plan offers annual or bi-annual inspections, catering to the needs of most spaces. We also provide other plans upon request. To renew your warranty, an annual inspection is necessary. During these visits, a skilled NuTech mold and water consultant will conduct a comprehensive inspection and provide a detailed report, which includes the following:

  • Visual inspection for signs or indications of microbial growth.
  • Visual observation of any signs of standing water.
  • Visual inspection of ductwork, including the return, supply, and boot attachments.
  • Visual inspection of the plumbing system, including supply and drain lines and failed dryer vents.
  • Visual inspection of any insulation defects or signs of moisture damage.
  • Visual inspection of foundation vents, walls, and piers.
  • Check and verify humidity levels. 
  • Perform wood moisture content measurements.
  • Visual inspection of the interior and exterior drainage systems, including gutter downspout and drainage runoff.
  • Visual observation or pest activity. 
  • Provide recommendations for maintaining the space’s condition.

* Annual reinspection is required to renew the warranty.

Even More Benefits From NuTech’s Maintenance Plans

We’ll also provide maintenance on the following systems installed by NuTech Mold & Water LLC:

  • Check and perform general maintenance on sump pumps and drain systems.
  • Clean dehumidifier condensation lines and change dehumidifier air filters one time a year.
  • Service any other type of NuTech Mold & Water LLC installed air movement systems.
  • Provide maintenance on installed vapor barriers or encapsulations as needed.  (Charges may apply for damage caused by services techs or animals.)

We offer a few additional services:

10% off any crawl repairs that fall outside of the scope of this service or warranty coverage

10% off any future mold clean up not part of the warranty

Access to preferred contractors for other related services, such as Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians, and Pest Control

Keep up to date with an annual inspection of your crawl space or basement. A lot can happen in a year, so be sure to order your yearly inspection now and keep your home safe and away from harm.

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